What does Rick Garrett Restorations do?

Customers typically bring me two types of work - heirloom and favorite furniture pieces
or unique "garage sale" finds that need help!

I help restore and repair the piece back to its
natural condition.  You can see from my before-and-after photos that I take great pride in making sure no one (maybe not even you) can tell the piece has been repaired!

Whether its making a missing nob look like the other 100-year-old nobs or completely refinishing the wood so that it looks not like a brand new piece, but a valued antique!

Don't throw away your broken dining room chair!
Don't continue to wish your dining room hutch looked like it did 50 years ago!

Bring it to Rick Garrett Restorations!
Dining room chairs with broken backs
"Bubbled" or lifted veneer
Drinking glass rings
Missing nobs, doors, pulls
Abused, dirty, lost pieces (don't give up!)
Faded paint or varnish
Chairs with broken legs
Make a matching end table
Custom work!